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Who is Georgina Macenzie?

From a very young age I was in completely spellbound by David Attenborough and his journeys to wild places such as Borneo, The Arctic, Africa and all the exotic places that I longed to see for myself. As an adult I am lucky enough to have explored  many of the very remote and amazing locations that I had watched spellbound, as he had described them to us all, when I was a child.

During these wild, off-the-beaten track, adventures both far away and closer to home I decided that if I was to do justice to the photographs I was taking, of the beautiful places and wildlife, then I was going to need a good camera and the ability to use it.  That is where my journey into photography began.

DSCN3955 - Copy.JPG

The ongoing journey into Composite Photography/Artwork

After much study and practice, I found a new passion for photography, and I developed an ever increasing desire to do more than just capture  images. While my love for photography, and producing my Photographic Prints remained, I  also found a passion for Composite Photography artwork.   

It began simply by developing artwork with bespoke colouring and texture from one of my original prints.

The artwork has developed in its complexity and can be designed using my customers own photographs, it can be produced from previous works that have been done, or it can be tailored to incorporate the tastes and requirements of each individual customer.
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